Forgiveness: The Power to Change the World

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Kizito Kalima speaking at the Juvenile Detention Center
in Indianapolis, Indiana.

On February 23, 2103, Kizito Kalima, Founder and Executive Director of the Peace Center for Forgiveness and Reconciliation, brought his message of hope to young people at the Juvenile Detention Center of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kalima encouraged and motivated the young people in attendance to move beyond any hurt, pain, and anger that they might feel about their life circumstances.  Through his workshop “Forgiveness: The Power to Change the World,” he recounted his own story of being a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide where over a million of his fellow citizens, including many of his family members, were killed by militant extremists.

Kalima discussed how he was only able to overcome the pain and anguish of these events by reaching a point in his life where he could forgive those who took so much from him and had tried to take his life.  He now makes it his mission in life to reach out to young people through workshops like these to give our youth the skills and tools required to be peacemakers and to heal from their own pain.

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