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Ornella's corner


My Name is Masonga Ornella, a Congolese by Nationality born in DRC. June 2005 is when I was born to a family of MR and MRS Masonga Ben Eugene and Masonga Nzigile Josephine.  As a first child followed by two girls and one boy. I came to find  myself with my Family living in a refugee community in Uganda as refugees and had to continue my studies to accomplish my goals as how my parents wanted ,I managed to finish my advanced level from Boniconciili  Girls Vocational Secondary School. In me I had a hidden talent which I came to discover in my senior three when I was in the refugee camp, after when I saw the conditions in the  camp where many females where treated bad and young ladies especially the ones who were violated also being treated bad, and this made me  decide to be their voice  through social media at least to get help from people willing to help the violated women, because I found in my self-having that passion of talking for the violated ladies. Now standing in a position of the spokesperson of Kalima Peace Building Africa with a lot of thanks of to the founder of Peace center for Forgiveness Reconciliation, Papa KALIMA D. KIZITO who gave me an opportunity to be the voice for violated women

Ndibarekera Maureen Ugandan born 20thMay, 1993 to a family of eight of Mr and Mrs Lule Wilson. I am a Muganda in Society that believed that it is a curse to give birth to girls, educating them is useless. My father had to marry another woman in search of a boy child and that was the turning point for us who we were born four girls following each other God was merciful and gracious to my mother and she bore a boy child” What a great joy”. However much my father loved to educate us he was always demoralized by family and society.  Because I wanted to study so hard, I hanged in there, the psychological torture was too much on us girl children.  School life was challenging to us but we grew strong, hustled studied on loans from here and there which we are still nursing and because of that persistence I now hold a master of science in health information technology from Mbarara University of science and technology. I am thankful to Kalima Peace building Africa and Peace center for Reconciliation that has given me the platform to be involved in volunteering as their Information technology personnel

Challenge in their Countries

  • Insecurity (Burning houses, killing relatives, rape, torture)

  • Wars which most of the ladies homeless, abused, loss of their beloved ones, raped, rooted,

Challenges in the camp

  • Lack of education to their children

  • Discrimination amongst refugees especially those who were raped people that know that see them as an outcast

  • Lack of enough medication

Future goal

Ensure that people are aware of their insecurities.

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