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Our History

The Peace Center for Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Inc. (PCFR) is a not-for-profit organization based in Indianapolis, IN. When it received official 501(c)3 status in 2014, it fulfilled the dream of Founder & Executive Director, Mr. Kizito D. Kalima

Having survived the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, Mr. Kalima’s anger and desire for revenge nearly cost him his life. Following widespread violence, People who have endured, witnessed, or perpetrated atrocities carry physical and psychic traumas. If this pain is not addressed, it might be passed down to subsequent generations, fueling future violence. When Kalima discovered that forgiveness freed him from hatred, he dedicated his life to helping other survivors of violence. While earning a degree in criminal justice in the US, he reflected a lot about his life and began to envision a space where genocide survivors and the perpetrators of violence could come together, forgive each other, reconcile, heal, and learn to live in peace. Mr. Kalima reached out to experts working with survivors and perpetrators of injustice in Indianapolis and around the world. Building upon their experience and programs, the PCFR was founded and over the years with its life changing programs has become the place for transforming hostility, fear, and conflict into long-lasting peaceful relationships. PCFR Programs have expanded from the initial Genocide awareness and prevention to include Refugee Resettlement, Holistic Peace Building, Prevention and Response to Gender Violence, Psycho-social and Mental health Support, Advocacy for Refugee Rights, Youth Mentor ship and Development.

Genocide Awareness

Peace Building

Youth Empowerment and Development


Refugee Resttlement

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