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If there is one thing young people love, it's...

Music and Dancing!

Or singing along to that music; our PCFR students are no different. In fact, PCFR is proud to say we have our very own dance group - Hoza Dance Troupe.


In the beginning, Hoza Dance Troupe was a way for Rwandans and Congolese in the Indianapolis community to come together and keep their culture and traditions alive. Today, Hoza is PCFR’s most successful Peace Rebuilding Project.


Hoza Dance Troupe is comprised of gifted and ambitious young people - all of them born after the 1994 Rwandan Genocide - who use music and dance as a way to witness for peace and forgiveness. The dancers have performed at weddings, concerts, cultural events across the Midwest, and alongside African superstars Cecile Kayirebwa and Kitoko.


Contact us today if you’d like Hoza Dance Troupe to perform at an upcoming event and if you are interested in learning more about our Music & Dance Peace Rebuildng Project.

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Hoza Dance Troupe

Want Hoza Dance Troupe to perform at one of your events? 

Learn more about the founding of Hoza in this video!

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