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Healing together through sports.

Peace Sports

Growing up, PCFR Founder Kizito Kalima found refuge and healing in sports, especially basketball. He has been able to share his love for sports with the students PCFR serves in the hopes that they too discover a new passion, or at the very least, try something new, get some exercise, and experience what it means to play on a team and work together towards a common goal.


Over the years, we have partnered with local churches, sports clubs, high schools, and police stations to give our students an opportunity to try new sports, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more.


If you have a space or a sport that you think PCFR students would benefit from, drop us a line on the Contact Us page!

See where our PCFR alumni are now!


It is often difficult for immigrants, especially children, to understand and accept the reality of their situation and then become acclimated to a new environment. When young immigrants do not feel welcomed or embraced, it is difficult for them to find happiness and a sense of belonging. For me, sports - specifically basketball - offered a solution and way for me to overcome the challenges young immigrants face daily. Sports are so important for immigrant communities because they can lead to more natural cultural assimilation, provide a space to share their struggles, and teach young people how to contribute to a team and work toward a common goal. Before going off to play basketball in college, I participated in the Peace Center for Forgiveness & Reconciliation’s Sports for Peace Project. Every week, I got to play the sport I love with other young immigrants in church gymnasiums, outdoor courts, and even at a police station. These experiences were so beneficial as they helped me acclimate to my new environment and have proven that engaging in sports truly is one of the most effective peace-building activities for young people.

-Ajulu, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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