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Kalima Peace Building Africa

About Us

Kalima Peace Building Africa is the project designed to restore hope and confidence among the refugees and Ugandans most especially youths and adults in refugee settings who were affected by conflicts and wars in their home countries. The project will also consider the surrounding host community.

The project intends to build the capacity of persons of concern for the development of their life skills and talents through the power of sports and play in order to live in a peaceful co-existence and violence–free community.


Kalima Peace Building Africa has proposed the project that aiming at restoring hope, confidence, integrity, cultural values and the rights of the refugees in Uganda and East African countries, that is; Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya who were affected by conflicts and wars in their home countries, but without forgetting the host community members who live and share different resources with refugees.

 The main aim of KPBA is holistic development and promotion of social and economic status of all refugees without discrimination through the power of sports and play as one of the strategies of conflict resolution and long term peace building


Core Values


Every refugee to enjoy an acceptable standard of living and be able to contribute towards an increased awareness, self-reliance, income generation and sustainable development 

Fairness, Justice, compassion, forgiveness, and respect for the dignity for others, as well as virtues of humility and courage

  1. To contribute to the society to restore peace, hope, health, wealth and culture among the refugees and host community members.

  2. Involving refugees and nationals in conflict resolution and peace building  through sports and play

  3. Conducting education campaigns among youths, and the entire refugee community to prevent human rights violation through sports and play

  4. Provision of quick and good quality services to all refugees and Nationals without any discrimination


We partner with refugee settlement camps and host communities to give refugees from different countries with different culture an opportunity to participate in football

Ornella's Corner

Depression is curable.

Community Engagement

We aim at poverty eradication through community livelihood activities say small startups, engagement in skilling, conflict resolution and peace management


Kalima Peace Building Africa Volunteers team


We are a volunteering team of Kalima Peace Building Africa who are from different countries

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