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Peace Building 

Peace building is an ongoing process of getting people to talk to each other, fixing broken relationships, and changing systems and structures that have been affected by conflict. Conflict makes it harder for people to get medical care, stops children from going to school, and keeps communities from growing. The cycle keeps going because poverty leads to more strife. But it's important to know that peace doesn't just mean absence of violence; it also means working together, respecting each other, and getting along with others. PCFR promotes community safety, conflict resolution, Trauma Counselling and peace building methods that work in communities. Community dialogues, mixed-group sports teams, livelihood and economic transformation programs, peace education in schools and church settings, and many public events

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We believe young people have all the potential in the world to break the cycles of violence in their own lives and pave the way for a more peaceful future for all.


Check out the main ways we engage young people at PCFR!

Most of the adults that PCFR serves are first generation survivors of genocide and violence. Many have never healed from the years of trauma they’ve suffered. While we believe intervention during childhood and teenage years is the most effective, we also believe that no adult is a lost cause.

We invest in the whole person to provide practical and emotional support and guidance that resettled refugees need to lead healthy, happy, and successful lives here in the U.S.


Check out the main ways we engage adults at PCFR!

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