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Youth Peace Building Projects


We believe young people have all the potential in the world to break the cycles of violence in their own lives and to pave the way for a more peaceful future for all. Check out the main ways we engage young people at PCFR.

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We support K12 students across the greater Indianapolis area along with young adults who pursue college degrees inside and beyond the state of Indiana. We actively monitor our students academic progress both in the classroom and out by tracking their school attendance, maintaining copies of their report cards, and engaging with parents/caretakers and school teachers to ensure the students feel fully supported.

Peace Sports

We partner with local churches, sports clubs, high schools, and police stations to give our students an opportunity to try new sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, and more. Our hope is that PFCR students will discover a new passion, or at the very least, try something new, get some exercise, and experience what it means to play on a team and work together toward a common goal.

Music & Dance

If there’s one thing young people love, it’s music, and dancing or singing along to that music. Our PCFR students are no different. In fact, PCFR is proud to say we have our very own dance group - Hoza Dance Troupe. Hoza Dance Troupe is comprised of gifted and ambitious young people - all of them born after the 1994 Rwandan Genocide - who use music and dance as a way to witness for peace and forgiveness.


Poetry offers a therapeutic outlet for personal expression. PCFR youth are able to  share their experiences of navigating cultural identity through the healthy and healing mechanism of poetry. 









Contact us if you are interested in signing up for one of our Youth Projects!

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